Working environments monitorization
Working environments electromagnetic radiations map
Laboral environments next to a radiation sources
Special laboral environments
Working environment electromagnetic radiations map
Electric Substation Measurement
Electric Substation Evaluation
White rooms laboral environment
Special laboral environments
Security systems analysis
Special laboral environments
Special laboral environments
Special labora environments
Office laboral environment
Special ships electromagnetic radiations
Transformation Center analysis
White Rooms analysis
Laboral environment shielding
E field before and after shielding
Control Rooms radiations
White Rooms electromagnetic radiation maps
Information and communication complx systems environment
Interferences detection
Radiations produced by wiring
Children park near Base Station measurement
Ambiental electromagnetic radiations
Underground and aereal Lines evaluation near buildings
Radiation maps in homes
Inhabited countryside Base Stations measurement
Tranformation Center evaluation
Public park high frequency measurement
Electric Subestation and surroundings evaluation
High Voltage Lines surroundings
Sensible space analysis
Mediambiental evaluation
Sensible spaces analysis
Electric field of a bed with the head light on
High Voltage Line study
Electric field of a bed with the head light off
Children Park near Electric Substation Evaluation
Radiation maps in homes
High Voltage Line and inhabited home study

EVENTYAM INGENIEROS S.L. is an engineering company specialized in Electromagnetic Safety by monitoring, controlling and shielding of Non-Ionizing Radiation: High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields, as well as Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Fields, which comprises AC, DC, ELF, VLF, RF & Microwave.

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