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Eventyam Ingenieros

Electromagnetic safety

EVENTYAM is specialized in the assessment, survey and control of Non-Ionizing Radiation, which includes de majority of man-made electromagnetic radiation, that is, electric transportation and distribution Networks, Transformers, electrical wiring, Radio, TV, Mobile Phones, Microwave, WIFI, WIMAX, Radar, etc.

EVENTYAM team is thoroughly qualified and is provided with the ultimate professional equipment to assess, monitor, control and shield EMFs of High (100 KHz - 40 GHz) and Low Frequency (5 Hz - 100 KHz) as well as Electrostatic and Static Magnetic Fields (0 Hz) which may be present in workplace, industry and natural environment, following the regulations to be applied, in order to get the appropiate and controlled level of Electromagnetic Safety in our environments.

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